Buckle up for an exciting ride through literary mediocrity.  I’ve been putting this off for about a month and a half now as I struggle with adapting to the fast-paced industry of website development also, I don’t really know where to start. Do I rehash Alexis’ posts in some ‘he said, she said’ B.S.? Do I start from here and tell you about the flood and serious structural damage to the house next door or what? I know, I’ll grab another pint. Another super cheap “Thai pint”, which is what I’ve taken to calling the tall Changs (620mL bottles) Alright, I’ll do a brief recap. This might work because I don’t want to type everything out and sure as shit you don’t want to read it all so I’ll leave this in broad strokes and I’m gonna use my high school word processing skills to insert bullet points for this to allow an easy, no-nonsense read. But first, I’d like to thank Grammerly for its constant and unrelenting correction of most of my English missteps so I don’t come off as a complete nincompoop. 



  • Tuk tuks -”Taxi, taxi. Where you going?”
  • The stifling heat.
  • Lucky Day – Alexis gave a poignant rundown of this in one of her posts.
  • Mass transit via canal – Get on or fall off. The water stinks but the service is great. 8 baht per trip.
  • Hot garbage, powerlines, and stray dogs.
  • The Shanti Lodge – See below for more detail.
  • The stifling heat.
  • Sleeper train.

The Shanti Lodge was recommended to me by a friend who’s been a few times. He said, “Listen Dustin, book the penthouse suite. It’s got its own bathroom and you don’t have to deal with anyone while you’re getting over the jetlag” It turned out to be a real treat because aside from the open air bathroom, it also had air conditioning. Did I mention ‘stifling heat’? The room was a beautiful rooftop penthouse with a dynamite view of a sketchy construction site lacking any in substantial personal protective equipment. I assume if a worker falls they are fired before they hit the ground. Although we only spent a few days there, the Shanti was a great place to start. The food was great and the owner, aptly named Smiley, had an outstanding taste in music.

We left the Shanti and we left Bangkok for the luxurious comfort of the Thailand railway. Sleeper trains are what I imagine space travel to be in the future. You get in your ‘pod’, smell some weird gases and then wake up at your destination with no notice.  $40 please (1000 baht). Buses too, they’re cheap and get you where you’re going. Now here’s a question. Why the hell is it so cost prohibitive to do this in Canada? It costs an arm and a leg to ride the train. And the bus? Shit, you might just lose your head. Rimshot(too soon?)


That’s enough homework for tonight. Stay tuned for more daring tales from a perspiring amateur writer like….

“From the depths of fear: Dustin has an underwater freakout”
“The Mystery of the Street Meat”

and my magnum opus…

“Can you hear me now? The tale of Dustin’s ear infection”



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