We just left the very different world of Tonsai Bay, a quiet beach with beautiful limestone rocks and a lush jungle surrounding us. It was also the first time I experienced travelers diarrhea while staring into the eyes of a giant cockroach.

Diving kicked the shit out of us, the few days following our class we both got bad head colds giving us headaches and sore throats. We were garbage humans entering Tonsai, plus Dustin’s ears have been a nightmare, he never listens to me. I’m kidding, they’re actually pretty infected and he hasn’t been able to hear well since our first dive. Lately, it’s just been the one ear that’s giving him trouble but it’s still a super frustrating thing for me him.

We had a small bungalow, it had a bug net over the bed and a sink-less bathroom with a tree stump right next to the toilet. There was only power for certain times in the day, often just running from 6pm-6am and a few hours in the daytime. When an electric fan is a saving grace in this type of heat, this was a bit of a challenge. A couple days in our colds were pretty bad. I felt very gross and ended up spending a lot of my day on the toilet. The bathroom, as I mentioned before, had a lovely tree stump that acted as a small ecosystem for creatures that liked to either hang out on the toilet paper or by your feet as you expel everything from your body. We had a rather large friend who would only come out at night and during one of my weaker moments, he skittered up close to my feet. I didn’t have enough energy to be scared, so I just grabbed the water gun (meant for your.. you know) and had a bit of a stand-off with this cockroach. Its antennas were twitching around wildly so I can only assume it was conflicted, unsure whether to attack my feet or run away from the threatening butt gun I drew at him. Or maybe I was the one who was thinking hard, about my choices and what lead me to get to this point in my life. Anyway, we had a bit of a moment together. Cockroaches aren’t pretty to look at for long so I shot the butt gun before he could make a decision. He skittered away to the tree stump and I was still a very sick human being. Actually, last time I was that sick it was the first time Dustin and I hung out. But that can be a story for another time.


I’m better now, finally. Dustin still can’t hear me but that’s ok cause I can talk shit and he won’t know and I’ll laugh at him with all the friends we don’t have. We moved to a small hotel of sorts in Phuket to extend our visas and buy a new ukulele (I had left mine in a taxi…I’m reeeeal smart). And yeah. I still have to figure out how to end these posts so I’ll just show more pictures of Tonsai that doesn’t involve toilets or cockroaches.

3 thoughts on “Tonsai, Krabi

  1. Hi Alexis…this is Glynis
    I am really enjoying reading your blog about your adventures and seeing the places you have stayed and are visiting. The cockroach story was squirmingly funny. I hope both of you are now feeling better. Looking forward to hearing about your next port of call. Take care of each other.


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