It’s been close to 20 days that we’ve been on this tiny island and it didn’t take long for us to see all of it. We rented a scooter for a little while to see where the rest of the roads led and we often ended up at other beaches or dead ends. One scooter we had was surprisingly shitty and we weren’t able to make it up a steep hill and we fell off, most of the time I would have to hop off and walk up the rest of the hill.

For the first half of our time here we were in a small bungalow on a hill off of the Chalok Baan Kao Bay. It was nice and quiet and on the main strip, we could find everything we needed within a short walking distance. We spent a lot of time just taking it easy, we finally had time to have a vacation as Bangkok was hectic and busy. Lots of beach time and relaxing in the hammock at our place and drinking….a few….beers.

We moved to an apartment complex of sorts to change things up. For about a quarter of the price of our last place, we got a much bigger space and even a mini fridge! And air conditioning! So we were pretty stoked to buy a few groceries and keep our beers cold. The things you take for granted.

This place is more on the west side of the island, closer to Sairee Beach. We noticed a huge increase in tourists and party-goers. The night life is pretty wild here, which means more noisy clubs and garbage on the beaches which are less attractive scenes for the both of us. We’ve avoided the area at night for the most part, but we were able to check out a Muay Thai fight one night. It was a riot, the locals drove the energy throughout and we were easily able to join right in.

Knowing Ko Tao is a hot spot for diving, we figured it was worth our money and time to get certified. Being a bit afraid of deep open water, for me this was an intimidating thing to take on. Over the course of four days, we had 6 dives building us up to dive down to 18 meters, and it was a very overwhelming and intense few days both mentally and physically. However we did see so many remarkable things underwater; giant coral reefs, schools of fish circling us, a shipwreck (now a home for fish), and a coral nursery. Now we are both certified SSI divers!

We’ve had a few days to literally decompress at our place. On Friday we’re heading to Krabi!

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