We landed in Bangkok after about a 25 hour travel day and the first thing on our minds was to sleep in an actual bed with real pillows, so it was super lovely to finally get to our place. The heat was pretty overbearing at first, Bangkok is very dense with vehicles and people so it was a lot to take in. Our first day that was supposed to be filled with shopping for clothes was interrupted by a friendly local who persuaded us to check out the surrounding temples. Within seconds a Tuk Tuk pulled up and said he would show us all of these places for 40 Baht (less than 2 dollars Canadian), it was hard to say no. For about two hours he drove us around Bangkok showing us the most popular sites, along with sending us into a couple tailor shops and a gem manufacturing store. We eventually learned that that day the Thai government had some kind of promotion on, where all the temples were open to the public for free (at least in Bangkok). I was pretty skeptical and thought we were going to get pushed into something or charged extra for this ordeal but from what we heard from other locals this government promotion was actually a thing. We were pretty jet lagged and it felt like a weird day, but everyone told us it was our lucky day.


We stayed in Bangkok for three days, it gave us just enough time to buy most of what we need for our trip (clothes, phone plan, sunscreen, etc.). The water taxi was our main source of transportation, on our “lucky day” they didn’t charge us tourists anything, but every other day it was 8 baht a ticket (like 30 cents CAD). During rush hour the water taxis were kind of hilarious because the boat would pull up, pause for maybe 10 seconds, then rip away again. On a particularly busy day, some people didn’t even have a chance to get on the boat. The boats would arrive every few minutes though, so I guess it wasn’t a big deal.

Three days were more than enough time to check things out in Bangkok, and we were happy to go elsewhere.
We decided to catch an overnight train to Chumphon, a good 9-hour train ride. Neither of us had done this before so we had no idea what to expect. From what I know there were 3 classes we could choose from, and we got the 2nd class option. It was surprisingly not bad, the seats facing each other were converted into bunk beds and they gave you a pillow and a small blanket and then you’re set for the night. We both fell asleep pretty easily, and before we knew it the train attendant woke us up saying “Morning! Chumphon next stop! Two minutes!” which was a pretty alarming way to wake up. Our stuff was a bit all over the place so we had to quickly grab everything and get booted off the train. It was 4:30 am at the train station and we were tired, disoriented and had no idea where to go next. After waiting two hours, we caught a bus to the pier at sunrise where we then had a three-hour boat ride to the island Koh Tao.

We’ve been staying in a nice little bungalow on Koh Tao for the last week, and we’ll be staying here for a while longer still. It’s been nice to finally relax and figure out what our lives will actually entail now. So far, it’s been a lot of sunscreen, sleeping, drinking water, drinking beer, learning music, hanging out with cats, and swimming in hot ocean water.
Till we have more stories to share,

2 thoughts on “It begins

  1. ah, here is where you can see that I’ve viewed this!! hahaha….just a matter of scrolling down! Loved your blog and photos! Look forward to more!! Esp of you guys scuba diving!!


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